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OUR BOOKS (only in Argentina)

Como un lugar is a publishing cooperative. We believe in free access to literature. Therefore, in addition to selling physical books, we also publish digital books licensed under Creative Commons. We specialize in works of poetry, essays, and hybrid texts that doesn’t entirely fit into the current conventions of genre. Our books seek to sketch alternative reading maps that interconnect publishing projects across the Global South. 


We believe that literature should be able to travel everywhere, and that artists and writers should be recognized economically for their work. These ideas don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our books are funded by readers, donors, and governmental organizations to ensure that literature can circulate freely and that authors can keep writing and earning money for their work. 


When you buy a book published by Como un Lugar or make a donation, you’re directly supporting authors and the continuation of this cooperative project. We’re a cooperative that operates independently and horizontally, and your contribution helps us maintain public access to beautiful books. 

Access Chongos as a PDF here

If you’d like to contribute to our publishing work, you can treat us to a coffee here

Or make a PayPal donation here



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