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We build our Fiestas de la Poesía with our own hands so words can come to life. We open these spaces for poetic expression through music and performance. We want to present body-to-body encounters with poetry, shows that connect us with the power of language and help us imagine times, forces, materialities that allow for an expansion into plural ways of living life.

These celebrations are free and open to the public. We hold them in popular spaces that aren’t necessarily associated with cultural events.

(If you’d like to support us with a space, contact us at

The Fiestas de la Poesía are part of our mission to support poets, whose work is often remunerated insufficiently or not at all. We hope to keep developing these gatherings as spaces where the Latin American community and allies can relish and celebrate the power of words – and where the joy of making art can awaken and flourish in our lives. 

Fiesta In Toñitas (Caribbean Social Club, Brooklyn, NY):

October 24, 2021. Guests: Mana Bugallo (Argentina), Lucía della Paolera (USA), Yaissa Jiménez (Dominican republic), Legna Rodríguez Iglesias (Cuba), Alejandro Albarrán (Mexico), Alejandro Moreno (Chile), Isabel de Sebastián and Darío Acosta Teich (Argentina/USA), Ezequiel Zaidenwerg (Argentina), and Joe Louis (Puerto Rico). 


Sponsored by the New York City Artist Corps - New York Foundation for the Arts & NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. 

Fiesta in Buenos Aires - Bar Varela Varelita:
March 27, 2022. Guests: Milagros Porta, Alejandro Crotto, Lucía Caleta, Adrián Agosta, Liliana García Carril, Daniel Rollano, Paula Maffia, Clara Muschietti, Ezequiel Zaidenwerg, Milagros Pérez Morales, Daniel Lipara, Andi Nachón, Denise Fernández, Alejandro Méndez, Eliana Hernández, Matías Méndez, Laura Wittner, and Sonia Scarabelli. 

 Translation Night (ID Studio, Bronx):

September 16, 2022. Poets reading poets in translation. Guests: Uche Nduka, Hernán Bravo Varela, Kechi Nomu, Daniel Lipara, Kechi Nomu, Gbenga Adesina, Mariana Spada, Logan February, Eliana Hernandez, Robin Myers, Marco Saavedra, Fátima Vélez.

Fiesta in Terraza 7 (Queens, NY):
September 17, 2022. Guests: Daniel Lipara, Eliana Hernández, Hernán Bravo Varela, Logan February, Mariana Spada, Robin Myers, Yaissa Jiménez, Paola R. Senseve, Kechi Nomu, Uche Nduka, Gbenga Adesina.